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About Us

To enable fellow Maweshi Vendors to support each other, this website has been developed to list Maweshi Vendors in Pakistan and around the world. If you are an Owner of farm or would like to Market any of your farm product, please feel free to contact us on below details: Contact us on if you have any questions or would like to list your farm. is owned and managed by BMSAS Technologies PVT Ltd ( BMSAS Technologies is a Pakistan Registered entity and is fully licensed to carry out e-Commerce activities © 2020 by BMSAS Technology – All rights reserved

Why Advertise with Maweshi Market?

As we know in current #pandemic situation, no one want to waste their time and would like to find a right #Maweshi for their #qurbani.
We do have a wide range of vendors and buyers.

IF you would like to reach large audience in Pakistan and around the world. Maweshi Market is uniquely positioned as a ‘One Stop Shop’ online inspiration platform for everyone, with focus on all kind of farm products such as Bachra, Bachiya,Buffalo,Bull, Camels, Bakra, Bakri and Sheep. Our client, who are registered with us – they have personally shared their reviews about their finding and how easy it is to find their vendor as per their requirement and budget.

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